Who would expect modern architecture to be lurking in the woods of Maine, a state with 10 million uninhabited acres of woodlands? storefront for architecture maine‘s inaugural exhibition “maine modern: 50 years of modern architecture in maine” presents some of the nation’s best contemporary architecture. Many of the works in the exhibition clearly found inspiration in nature, Maine’s forest and sea, but when people think of Maine architecture, it is more often the grand summer cottages of Mt. Desert Island and the Shingle Style of John Calvin Stevens. storefront for architecture maine lets us in on a well-kept secret; modern architecture in Maine is thriving in the 21st century.

Although all the works are located in Maine, the architects came from around the United States, Canada, and as far away as Italy. The show is unique in that each project is represented by a three-dimensional model as well as stunning photographs and drawings. It is the first public viewing of many of the private projects. The exhibition displays the highest level of architectural design in the State of Maine.